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Rockford Clinic - Perryville Road


Rockford, IL

Contract Type: Construction Management Negotiated

Architect: David Hagney Architects

First Floor: Family Practice, Internal Medicine & Diagnostic

Percentage of self-performed work: 26%

Total SF: 14,450 SF

Project Type: Complete build-out of a vacant first floor space for medical offices.

Third Floor: OB-GYN/MFM/ENT & Opthamology

Percentage of self-performed work: 19%

Total SF: 14,400 SF

Project Type: Demolition and build-out of third floor including new RTU

First Floor: CT/MRI

Percentage of self-performed work: 25%

Total SF: 5,330 SF

Project Type: Construct MRI room, relocate Lab, construct CT room for relocated CT

Second Floor: Sleep lab

Percentage of self-performed work: 4,590 SF

Total SF: 4,590 SF

Project Type: Demolition and build-out of new four bed Sleep Lab

Second Floor: Time Share & Physical Therapy

Percentage of self-performed work: 22.4%

Total SF: 11,864 SF

Project Type: Construct fourteen exam rooms including waiting area, nurse station, reception, meeting rooms, offices and workout area for Physical Therapy with three treatment rooms.

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